Kinky Twist Hairstyles That Look Great(Photos)

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Kinky twists are closely twisted or curled braid styles. This is one of the most popular African hairstyles that has been around for a long time and continues to evolve into more interesting styles. Kinky braids are also considered protective hairstyles. If your natural hair is long enough, you can make it "kinky." Kinky hairstyles can last up to four weeks or more if properly maintained.

Here are some kinky hairstyles to try.

1. Short Kinky Twist Styles

When you don’t want that hairstyle to touch your body so much, then, keep it short. You can make the ends of these hairstyles curly or leave them straight.

2. Long Kinky Twist Hairstyles

If you are a lover of long hairstyles, then, check out these styles. These long kinky styles are mostly achieved with crotchet Kinky extension, you can equally achieve it with braiding hair.

3. Short Kinky and Cornrows

Mix things up with a combination of twist and cornrows. Ladies that makes this type of hairstyle usually makes the curls bouncy.

4. Kinky Braids with Ponytail on

Ponytails are mostly achieved on long braids. After making a combination of single twists and flat twists, you can go ahead and style it as a ponytail.

5. Mohawk with Kinky Twists

Mohawk is a stylish hairstyle in which the sides of the hair are braided as cornrows or flat twist and the remaining part of the hair is packed at the center.

6. Marley Kinky Twist Hairstyles

Marley twists are protective hairstyles because they are mostly loose curls. These hairstyles are suitable when you want a full and long hairstyle just like Jumbo twist or Havana twist.

7. Kinky Twists styled as a bun

Hair bun styles are great for pulling the hair away from your face and body. You can choose to have it as a single or double bun.

8. Shoulder length kinky twist hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles are great when you don’t want it as a long or short hairstyles. They are close to medium length hairstyles.

8. Fishbone with kinky twist

In fishbone hairstyles, flat twist or cornrows are infused into larger twist or cornrows. Fishbone braids lasts longer because they are tightly braided.

9. Medium sized twists

When you don’t want it as a jumbo or tiny twist, try medium sized twist. They can be used in achieving any twist style.

10. Kinky braids with beads

Beads are attached to hairstyles for decorative purposes and also to hold the ends of the hair. Various beads of different shapes, sizes and colors can be used.

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