Schools, Churches attacked by hoodlums in Kwara state

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The ongoing crisis about hijab wearing in Kwara state,took a violent turn yesterday in Ilorin Kwara state. Where schools,churches were attacked

Churches and schools located in sabo - oke,muritala Mohammed way and many areas of the ancient city were attacked. Some of the other places affected include Maraba,Surulere and many other communities where Christians schools and churches are located.

The very violent and tense situation led to fear among the residents, the hoodlums were said to be brandishing many dangerous weapons including cutlass,machetes,broken bottles and many more dangerous weapon.

Some of them wore masks to protect their face from been seen by people and to cover their identities, it took the combined effort of men of the Nigeria army, Nscdc and men of the Kwara state police command to douse the tension.

The hoodlums attacked cherubim and seraphim college located in sabo oke,Ilorin despite the fact that it was locked the hoodlums threw broken bottles and stones into the school compounds.

They also attacked st Barnabas LGEA primary school and some churches located in Muritala Mohammed way in Ilorin.

Kwara state police command spokesperson Ajayi Okasanmi said it took the intervention of the men and officers of Kwara state police command to quell the situation.

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