Sad - Terrible Accident Happens In Suhum


Road accidents have been on the rise in the last few months in Ghana. According to police reports, over 200 people have died in the first two months of this year. Another terrible and dreadful accident involving a truck loaded with goods has happened on the Suhum flyover at the Suhum-Bunsu junction near Linda dor in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

According to eyewitness reports, the long truck loaded with goods was heading to Kumasi to either deliver the goods or passing through to another Region. Upon seeing a virtually empty road, it increased it's speed limits to catch up with time. Unfortunately, it collided head-on with another vehicle due the speed which overpowered it and crumbled it's head.

Two occupants of the affected vehicle sustained serious injuries and with the help of vehicles that were using the road, they were transported to a nearby medical facility doe health-care. The Motto Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police service visited the accident scene to begin investigations and to make the road motorable for other users.

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