Hidden secrets of mixing Vaseline and sugar for your lips

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When it involves look, just like face, your lips additionally play an essential role. It is important to attend to your lips at the side of your face.

We placed our fine efforts to exfoliate the pores and skin, however we don’t apprehend the significance of exfoliating our lips. We underestimate our lips’ look and do now no longer recall it important, to attend to our lips, much like pores and skin. Most folks don’t examine lips fitness and in no way upload lips as part of the skin care routine.

We fail to apprehend, and if we don’t placed lip balm or lip scrub to eliminate lifeless cells or to hydrate lips, our lips gets darker, and eventually, you may have chapped lips. The fine manner to decorate your lip’s fitness is to preserve scrubbing it over time. But the query comes which scrub we need to get? Whether we can buy it from the marketplace to make it at home.



There are severa lip scrubs gift withinside the marketplace that declare to be fine, however by some means they've a few or some other chemical. Apart, shopping lip scrub from the marketplace will price you now no longer much less than $10.

Why hit your pocket while you could without problems make the fine lip scrub at home. Here we can give an explanation for the splendor of the maximum, convenient DIY Lip scrub the usage of vaseline and sugar that you could make quick and without problems at home. This lip scrub will come up with first-rate and short consequences.

What is a Lip Scrub?

As a frame scrub, lip scrub is a semi-stable and liquid base that incorporates specific substances to eliminate lifeless cells, flakey portions of lips and leaves the bottom easy and beautiful.

Lip scrubs are normally used for exfoliation, and it method it majorly receives in use to eliminate lifeless cells of lips. Exfoliation of lips is important for easy and gentle lips. Many elements, like solar exposure, climate conditions, greater use of lip balms which are complete of chemicals, or bloodless wind can harm the lip base, however while you operate a lip scrub, you could combat with such elements without problems.

DIY Vaseline and Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Lips scrub with vaseline and sugar is one of the famous and clean lip balms that calls for no attempt and suggests staggering consequences on lips. To make this lip scrub, you handiest want substances, and they're Vaseline and Sugar.

All you need to do is, get 1/2 of a spoon of white sugar with big granules and 1/2 of a spoon of vaseline. Mix each substances lightly, do now no longer overmix the mixture; otherwise, the sugar gets diluted. Now follow the scrub in your lips and lightly scrub your lips for 4-five minutes.

Then wipe your lips with a cotton ball and follow lip balm to offer essential moisture. Lip balm is likewise essential after a lip scrub for moisturizing your lips. It is in no way a horrific concept to feature some drops of olive or almond oil in your lip scrub.

It could be fine in case you use this lip scrub two times or three times a week. In case you've got got darkish lips, then it's far higher to apply this lip scrub after each trade day. You will see significant consequences of lips scrub after some days of the usage of it. After the usage of the lip scrub for 2-three weeks, you may have gentle and purple lips.

Benefits of Ingredients of DIY Lip scrub

1. Vaseline

It is a famous factor this is in use for a while to deal with chapped lips. Vaseline is usually called Petroleum jelly. It is an first-rate moisturizer barrier. It is an factor this is ideal for correct dry and weathered lips. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is broadly speaking found in all lip balms to hydrate lips.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

2. Sugar

Sugar is understood for its candy taste, however we realize it has a few advantages for our lips. It works as a humectant for our lips. You need to be questioning what a humectant is?

Humectant substances assist draw the moisture from the surroundings, like, say, environment, climate conditions, etc. Sugar enables in preserving your lips hydrated and plumper. Along with a humectant, sugar is likewise an exfoliator, which gets rid of all lifeless cells from lips to present sparkling and lips. To make DIY Vaseline and sugar lip scrub, you need to get white sugar with big granules.


DIY Sugar Lip Scrub


three. Olive Oil

Olive oil works as a moisturizer. You can constantly upload olive oil to your DIY Vaseline and Sugar lip scrub to offer essential hydration in your lips. If you've got got dry lips, olive oil works fine to save you chapped lips. Together, the 3 substances, olive oil., vaseline and sugar, make a honest and powerful lip scrub.




DIY Vaseline and Sugar Lip Scrub is the fine scrub that moisturizes and hydrates your lips. It is handy and clean to make a lip scrub. With the above substances of lip scrub, you could get easy and purple lips.


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