Bushiri's second daughter says another prophet

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Annie and Daniel Haugerud Ministries Took it to Facebook to share what they are saying is a Prophecy approximately Bushiri and the prophecy reads: "Children of God, in 2018, we foretold of the dying of Shepherd Bushiri's daughters, considering that he had bought his soul to Satan. As a result of this, one of his daughters died. We additionally asked for prayers for the safety of the second daughter.

This night, I observed Raphaella being beckoned, but no longer by myself; the occult is seeking out at least two or three different people. As I discovered, the 3 sufferers gave the look to be sinking and ascending from the earth. Something changed into obstructing the operation. As the ones humans have been requested to deliver their sacrifices, I noticed Shepherd Bushiri seated, shivering. He gave the look to be quite confident in the technique and its efficacy".

"When those charlatans, occultists, and witch docs homicide, it starts in the spiritual realm and then emerges as ailment or twist of fate. It is time to pray fervently for those people, refusing to die for them within the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! One of the ladies they want to sacrifice is a younger lady who is not associated with Bushiri". This message has starred reaction from social media.

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