There's No Politician Coming To Save Your Community, Get Up And Save Yourselves- Nhlanhla Lux Says

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There's No Politician Coming To Save Your Community, Get Up And Save Yourselves- Nhlanhla Lux Says. 

Politicians in South Africa are having a hard time as they are disliked by many. This is because they have been disappointed by the lack of service delivery from politicians and how the same politicians have not been considering the needs of the people. 

Nhlanhla Lux sent a message to the people of South Africa and said to them that no politician is coming to save them, they should ave themselves. He said " Do you think those politicians in Parliament/political parties can save our country  when they can't even save their own small communities? There's no politician coming to save your community, get up and save yourselves - we are all we have". 

Many agreed with him on this. If we are being honest with ourselves, no one will want to save people who do not want to save themselves. South Africans need to stand together and push the government to work for them. 

Many agreed with Lux and said the following " The problems in South Africa are caused by the ANC. Not just random politicians in parliament. You are misleading your community by telling them to rise without being involved in politics when their problems are created by political failures of the ANC". 

" The problems in SA are caused not only by politicians-the ignorance of people always blaming a specific political party when in actual fact its the entire political system with old people traditionally ruling the country. Communities have to stand up". 

" Some folks are gonna watch this video and still be in denial that politicians are full of empty promises and they are highly unlikely to come up with real life solutions or effective programs that bring tangible results, for obvious reasons, but the truth will always prevail". 

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