A Lady Has Been Caught While Using Her Baby's Body for Examination Malpractice. (Video)


Education is the key but for you to get the key, you have to work hard through reading and practicing what you have been thought.

Nothing good comes easy but some people are found of trying to make great names with no efforts. They want to earn the same honour with people who have taken time to prepare for their expectations.

A lady whose name is unknown has been caught in exam Hall as she was using her baby for exam malpractice. The lady wrote what could be seen as possible answers on the baby's body and use cloth to cover it.

In this video which was posted by Punch Newspapers, the lady was seen carrying the baby and denied that she was not doing exam malpractice as the person doing the video says he wants to prove to the world that she is doing exam malpractice.

The person which could be think to one of the invigilators moved closed to her and lifted up the cloth on the baby's body and there were papers tied around the little baby with writings on those papers.

It was at this point the lady went on knees and started begging for forgiveness as the invigilator calls out to Prof to come and see what the lady has done.

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