Relief as Kajiado County opens its first ever blood donation and storage center


Kajiado county has opened its first blood donation and storage center today in Kajiado referral hospital. It is therefore an ease to the residents of Kajiado county given that they could travel to machakos general hospital to get treatment on medical cases which required blood transfusions. This resulted into increased death of patients who suffered loss of blood since there those who could not make it to machakos.

Residents are urged to turn out in large numbers and donate blood in order to save patients in need of blood. The newly opened blood donation and storage center targets 1200 individuals today for a start.

Out of the targeted 1200 donations, the hospital looks forward to atleast 400 donations from bodaboda riders within the county. Residents Express gratitude and shows support to the hospital be voluntarily showing up at the center for blood donation act.

It is therefore a guarantee that the numbers of patients who could die due to lack of blood will greatly reduce.

What are your thoughts about Kajiado county's latest achievement?

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