" She wanted to gain information using her friend's picture. Be careful "- Sangoma warns the public

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Gogo Carol is a traditional healer who is always helping people on twitter. Sometimes she does free consultations and South Africans are always lining up for her to help them. Yesterday she had free mini consultations and one person asked her to 'read' her and she felt that something was not right so she asked the person to send her picture. The person sent her friend's picture. When she saw that she was caught, she told Gogo Carol that it's her friend and she wanted to consult on her behalf. Gogo Carol says this is dangerous and people must stop doing that.

"I’ve been giving free mini consultations on Twitter and there was this other offish account.That person asked for a consultation and l asked that they send their picture (my spirit felt that something was off). This person sent another person’s picture. Basically this person wanted to gain information using another person’s picture (dangerous game if you ask me). When l told that account holder that “this is not you,”they then said “this is my friend and l want to consult on her behalf.” Consult on her behalf? How? When they realised that they slipped they changed their profile picture something else." She tweeted.

"This person was privileged to have had a consultation with you Gogo Carol. Some of us can only wish." Said @Yanga.



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