Skeem Saam Tuesday 8 February- Celia does the unthinkable

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How about we recap the previous episode

Celia is set for kill Alfios, however she continues to get diverted, and when he becomes cognizant, nothing on the planet might have halted her. At the point when we left her yesterday, she had a pad squeezed hard on Alfioses face, choking out him. Will she succeed this time?

Magongwa switched things up on the police yesterday. Babeile brought him in to be interrogated for the shoes got by Melita. End route to his office, Magongwa heard how the police ran over the proof from his yard by Melita.

Magongwa then, at that point, thus, blamed Melita for intruding and blamed the police for getting the proof shamefully. Oh joy! He is really dangerous. Head Thobagale kept on abusing Zamokuhle to Marothi; she despised him, making's Elizabeth extremely upset. We should discover what will happen today. Celia is called into a patient's ward by a patient whose life has recently been saved.

Who do you suppose it is? As a matter of fact, Alfio's. The man is a survivor. We are simply must sit back and watch how he got away from death this time around. Mr Kgomo is the just one with an irksome kid in Turfloop high right now, so he is most likely the person who goes to request another opportunity for Paxton to Principal Thobagale. How did he respond this time? I wonder.

Marothi's lady needs additional consideration from him today. Marothi presented a lady at the Literacy Gala supper and called her his life partner, which Maureen didn't endorse. Recall that Marothi has been in a weird circumstance with his better half, Rachel Kunutu. So we will see where this winds up.

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