BBN Saga: Nini Shed More Light On The Conversation She, Maria And Peace Had About Angel In The House

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On Sunday, 3rd of October 2021, the big brother Naija season six winner was selected, but during the reality show, there was a trending conversation that happened in the house which also went viral. It was a conversation that Nini had with Peace and Maria regarding Angel and some things that were said about her. Although Peace has cleared the air. In this article, I will be showing you what Nini said during her latest interview.

As for Nini, she made it known that when the conversation started, they came to call her from the change room and when they started speaking about Angel, they said she is a strategic person. Nini said that she is close to Angel, and she sees her as a sweet soul.

Nini made it known that despite what Maria and Peace said about Angel, she did not have issues with her, and she never nominated her for eviction.

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