8 Characteristics of An Effective Good Classroom Teacher


A teacher is anyone who implements the curriculum by guiding students using the syllabus or coursebook as guided by Institutions of Curriculum Development.

An effective teacher disseminate knowledge, competence, and virtues to the learners or implement the syllabus in the best way possible if he or her;

1. has knowledge of the subject he/she teaches.

2. can engage or draw the attention of the learners. He should use examples within the learner's reach.

3. can listen to the learners. Just like you would like them to listen to you, listen to them as well.

4. has patience with the slow learners within the class. You should never scold any learner for being slow, instead help them at their pace.

5. is humorous and confident when instructing the learners. You should never frown your face when giving institutions to learners as this will only instill fear in them.

6. focuses on collaboration or teamwork with his colleagues. As a teacher there are areas you don't feel comfortable teaching, let your colleague chip in to teach on your behalf, we are not perfect in all fields.

7. desires to disseminate the subject mastery to the learners. Do not be jealous of passing the knowledge to your learners.

8. shows empathy to learners. Cry with the learners if they are in pain, share your life experiences and how you overcame them

You don't have to be a teacher who teaches religion for you to be empathetic, let the learners realize you feel their pain. This will strengthen the bond between you and the learner and the general outcome will be as impressive as the word itself.

Most educators should desire to have the above-mentioned qualities to make students like and pass the subjects they teach.

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