List Of Expensive Choppers Allegedly Owned By Ruto And Their Prices

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After Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi was summoned to the parliament's security committee, he broke down the list of properties owned by the deputy president. The amount of properties owned by Ruto has surprised many despite branding himself as a Hustler. Among the properties Ruto owns are expensive choppers.

According to a report by the Daily Nation on September 2, the total purchase price of the five choppers owned by the deputy president is estimated to be about 2.6 billion shillings. Below is a breakdown of the cost of each of the choppers.

1. 5Y KDM, an Airbus H145 T2 purchased at KSh970 million

2. 5Y DSC Eurocopter 130 T2 which costs KSh740 million

3. 5Y KDN Airbus H130 that goes for KSh330 million

4. 5Y DSN Airbus H125 costing KSh290 million

5. 5Y SAK Airbus H125 going for KSh290 million

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