See What Some Ghanaians Are Doing To The Pokuase Interchange.

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Are some Ghanaians sure they want a better life for themselves? We complain about almost everything but yet show no sign of commitment, because everything is always directed at government.

One may be tempted to believe that, for people who hail personalities like Twene Jonas who criticizes leadership to do better, individuals would do all in their bit to work hard to help the agenda of improvement. But time and again the response has been nothing short of failure and disappointment.

Take the case of the Pokuase interchange as an example. Many are those who hailed the project for the purpose it was meant for as well as its beauty. But then how long did it take for petty traders to attempt to do business there? After they were sacked, it did not take too long for us to come across a trending video of a couple who had set up a locality fufu restaurant there.

Just when that episode was cleared and one thought all was done, it has come to the notice that the streetlights and crash barriers on the interchange have started vanishing.

The same people who like to compare everything in Ghana to the developed world are the same people who are either taking part or looking on as some unscrupulous people do such a damage.

The real question is, do we really want the good things we always wish for? Or it is just pretense.

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