OPINION: Why Michael Carrick Should Coach Man United Against Chelsea This Weekend

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Manchester United is presently managed by Michael Carrick. However, it is expected that Old Trafford administrators will hire a new interim coach to replace Michael Carrick. Some Man United supporters are concerned that Michael Carrick will be in charge of the team against Chelsea Football Club this weekend. This is primarily due to Michael Carrick's lack of experience compared to Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea's manager at the moment is Thomas Tuchel.

Man United, on the other hand, should give Michael Carrick a chance to shine against Chelsea this week. The former England international is capable of competing against elite English Premier League coaches. Michael Carrick should manage Manchester United against Chelsea for the reasons listed below.

1. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the best coaches.

Michael Carrick has a lot of English football experience. Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson are two of the best coaches he has ever worked with. Sir Alex Ferguson, the famous manager, taught him a lot. He also worked as an assistant manager for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

2. He has a close friendship with a number of Manchester United players.

At Old Trafford, Carrick enjoys a close relationship with a number of players. During his professional football career, he, for example, played alongside David de Gea. Some of these players would welcome the opportunity to play for Michael Carrick.

3. He's faced Chelsea a number of times.

In the English Premier League, Michael Carrick has a lot of experience playing against Chelsea. He is familiar with Chelsea's style of play as well as the club's history. When Man United defeated Chelsea in 2019, he was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's assistant manager.

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