2 Beautiful Nigerian Actresses Who Have Been Happily Married For Over 20 Years

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Most celebrity marriages don't last long, they are mostly filled with scandals and in the end divorce. Although some celebrities have been able to maintain a peaceful and happy married life, and also raise beautiful kids. These are celebrities that should be emulated. In this post, I'm going to share with you, 2 Beautiful Nigerian actresses who are happily married for more than 20 years now. Actresses other movies stars should emulate to enjoy a peaceful and happy married life that is free of scandals.

1. Omoni Oboli

(A photo of Omoni)

The renowned actress has a reason for constant admiration from fans and colleagues. She has been able to live a peaceful and happy married life for more than 20 years now with her husband Nnamdi Oboli, an optometrist and also a movie producer. They have equally raised 3 children, 3 handsome grown boys named Gozi, Tobe and Chizi.

(A photo of Omoni and her husband Nnamdi)

(A photo of Omoni and her sons

(A photo of Omoni and her family)

Omoni is one actress most Nigerian movie stars (especially the young actress) should emulate for them to enjoy a happy and peaceful married life.

2. Omotola Ekeinde

(A photo of Omotola)

The veteran actress fondly referred to as "omo sexy" is known for so many things and one of them is a great wife and mother. Omotola who has been happily married for more than 20 years now to Capt. Matthew Ekeinde has built a lovely family.

(A photo of Omotola and her husband)

She and her husband have raised 4 grown-up children, two beautiful daughters named Princess and Meraiah, and handsome boys named Mathew and Michael.

(A photo of Omotola and her 4 children)

Omotola's marriage is one many actresses should emulate, her marriage has hardly been subject to scandals or any form of media ridicule. She is among the few actresses who have enjoyed a peaceful and lovely marriage.

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