Meet The Elderly Woman From Warri Who Reportedly Helps Women Conceive By Massaging Their Wombs

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There are three basic pre-natal stages before childbirth. The stages include ‘Conception/ Germinal Stage’, ‘Embryonic Stage’ and ‘Fetus Stage’. The first stage is when the egg gets fertilized in the Fallopian tube which links an ovary to the uterus. The next stage is when the egg travels down to the uterus where the embryo will start growing. 

Pregnancy might not happen if the position of the fallopian tube and womb are not in the right place. Instead of the man’s gamete to meet the woman’s egg in the fallopian tube and gets fertilized, it goes elsewhere. Thus, the process will be unproductive until everything gets into position. 

There is an elderly woman from Warri, Delta State who understands the process of conception and helps women to conceive by massaging their wombs. She is known as Mama Mary Igrakpata and she granted an interview with BBC News Pidgin few months ago. Mama Mary explained how she has helped many women set their womb right in order to conceive. 

Mama Mary Igrakpata

Mama Mary is over 100 years old and quite a number of women testified also to how she helped them reset their womb. Mama Igrakpata might not be familiar with all the technical terms listed above (fallopian tube, uterus, ovaries et. al) but she sure knows how the first stage of pre-natal, Germinal period works. 

During the interview by BBC News Pidgin, one of Mama Igrakpata’s patient who disclosed her name simply as ‘Stella’ said: “My name is Stella, I came here to meet Mama for massage because I’m looking for a child. The womb massage is very good, just that people did not know about it. I have given birth to a child through this message and now, I’ve come again for another one…

Process of traditional womb setting massage by Mama Mary

The first time I came here, Mama massaged me and realized that my womb was not in position. She massaged me about 5 times and then told me she would put the womb in the right position. She did it three times and I got pregnant the following month.”

She further explained how Mama helped her to set her womb back to the right position. While massaging a patient’s womb, Mama Mary noted that the right part of the woman’s tummy was free but the left was block. She had to massage it to put the womb back to the right position before conception. 

Mama Mary is over 100 years but she told BBC that she had helped many women in Warri State to conceive by the womb massage setting. No doubt, her impacts will be appreciated by lots of people in her environment. 

However, Medical Experts advise couples to always go for test in a standard hospital first, to know why the woman is not conceiving. They also warn of possible infections that the woman may likely be exposed during this process.

Credit: BBC News Pidgin

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