Skeem Saam: Kat will soon find out about Alfios and Magongwa's business

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Alfios cannot hold the secret any longer


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Now that Alfios sees that the business world works on his favour he plans to leave Magongwa and comes clean. Kat is one of the very responsible businessman to advise Alfios on what to do.

Kat can see that Alfios wants to aim for higher standards in business but he cannot persuade them because the is something holding him back which is Magongwa. Magongwa wants everything to go on his way without considering Alfio's feelings as well. It would definitely be great of Alfios goes solo on his business.

Alfios knows more about business opportunities more than Alfred Magongwa. All that Magongwa wants is for Alfios to bring him money. Viewers are hoping that Kat can reach out to Alfios and advice him to do what is best for him and focus on the goal of winning.

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