"This is my room. I’m just 20 years old trying to learn independency." A lady posted. See comments.

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A lady recently left many people speechless after showing off her lovely home. She posted on Facebook and said "Hi. First time posting. This is my room. I’m just 20 years old trying to learn independency . Please advise on what to change or add. Thank you in advance." See the post she made on Facebook down below.

People commented under the post and had a lot of things to say. Someone commented and said "Very clean and beautiful I love it, if possible remove the lines and you paint your room with light grey it will even look more beautiful." Another person commented and said "You are on the right track 20 year old your place is beautiful and neat. May God bless you always." See some of the other comments people left under the post down below.

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Source https://www.facebook.com/groups/2275430076093988/permalink/2818328528470804/

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