"Painful" - I'm Really Hurt Emotionally Because I Wasn't Expecting This Answer From My Wife

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A life lived in loved can never be dull as many say but mine has been completely shutdown. My name is Adams and I'm 32 years. I live with my wife and children and it has since been a nice experience. I'm an extrovert and usually communicate whatever goes on in my life with my wife. She has really been of support for me since we got married. Early this year, I lost my job as an accountant in one of the big firms in the country and since then, I've been through real hell.

All my life saving I did during my days as an accountant has been used to cater for the needs of the family. My wife also works as a teacher doubled as a makeup artist. She mostly kept the money she make for herself and always rely on the little I have on me eventhough she knew I had lost my job. Anytime I ask her to make provision for the house, she complains and sometimes turn into a fight.

Just recently, I have noticed some weird behavior in her. She doesn't pickup my calls anytime she is late to the house. She always said I'm not her brother's keeper so I shouldn't waste my time doing that but I'm legally married to her. I've made complaints to her parents and they keep talking to her but it seems she has just made up her mind. My wife always paints me black in front of people and make them believe I am the black sheep of the family. I've realized lately that a particular number use to call her in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. She off late make calls in the midnight.

I confronted her why that sudden behavior after I saw her making a serious call with another man. I asked and she answered "I've been monitoring her phone and whatever I see, I should take it like that". I'm really hurt emotionally and I feel like sending my life.

Please, I need your urgent help, what should I do.

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