Unknown suspects shot and killed an innocent man his family left in tears and pain

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Shots fired at an innocent motorist loses control of the car and crashes into a wall he died at the scene


Guns have become an enemy of our country, a lot of people are losing their lives, their families members, and partners all because of guns, an innocent man was attacked by an unknown number of men who were driving a silver car with no license plate.

The unknown men fired shots at the other driver who was driving a black Mercedes-Benz in Bamboo Lane. the suspects seem to have had a serious agenda on the attack on the victim, the police have not yet found out why this incident happened, they do not believe that it's just an accident, they believe there's more to the story.

The police also found a firearm in the victim's car, according to the police that believes that this was no accident, somehow the suspects and the victim had a business together. The investigation is ongoing and the police are determined to find out the truth and justice will be served.

Do you think the victim was involved in dodgy business dealings? 

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