Former Lands Minister disagrees with Nana Addo on Achimota Forest: Why should 361.5 acres be given?

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A Former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Honourable Inusah Fuseini, has disagreed with the decision of the government to declassify the 245 acres of the Achimota Forest.

When the hostess Dzifa Bampoe asked if the government gave the Forest back to the Owoo family due to the sacrifice that they made for releasing the lands to the Achimota School ,Inusah Fuseini's response was very technical and on point .

He explained that the sale and payment for lands with the colonial government took place in 1921 and 1927. According to the Minister , as far as he knows, the lands were satisfactorily paid for . He asked why the colonial government would pay for some lands in 1921 and not pay for the others in 1927 . He also mentioned that the government actually took the lands for the purpose of providing wood for Achimota School to use as charcoal. He said that ,even though the Achimota School no longer uses the forest for the said purpose due to the influx of technology,the lands serve better ecological purposes.

The former Minister said the Nana Addo government should have consulted properly before taking a decision to give 245 lands to some lands already given by former President John Mahama to make it 361.5 acres .

He said the people of Ghana are not happy because of the way the declassification has been done which far exceeds what Former President Kuffour wanted to give which was even further reduced by the Mahama government.

The Former Minister said he was surprised that the Owoo family are now saying that they were not paid for the lands released in 1927. He exclaimed that he does not understand that aspect of their claim and wished that the 245 acres given would be reviewed in the interest of the good people of Ghana.

What do you think went into the decision of giving 245 acres to the Owoo Family? Should government be applauded or should they pay heed to requests towards the reversal of the order? We encourage our readers to drop their comments. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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