I am also a Human Being; I Cry Sometimes - Afia Schwarzenegger Voices Out


Media Personality and Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed in an interview with Zion Felix that he cries sometimes, since she is also a human being.

Afia has come to be known as one who is always in a happy mood. She is one person that believes in living her life the way that pleases her, as long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of another person. This carefree lifestyle has continually resulted in critics and 'haters' hurling jibes and taunts at her, but the media personality seems not to be perplexed by any of those jibes, as she is always seen in a happy and jovial mood on social media.

Today in an interview with Zion Felix, Afia revealed that she sometimes feels sad and even weeps. She explained that, the reason she is always happy and jovial on social media is that it is a place to have fun, and not for one to publicize their sad moments.

She added that the people on social media don't really care about the problems others are going through, and so the best thing for one to do is to console themselves off social media. "They will pick the phone and type 'oh sorry', but in their heart, they are happy you are facing challenges", she said.

As a matter of fact, the average human being cares only about themselves, and maybe some close family members. It takes a genius to genuinely care about the challenges others are going through and actually take some steps to bring some positive change in other people's situation.

Those that put all their personal stuff on social media, thinking that all those who comment on their photos and moments love and care for them should learn something from this.

She went on to disclose what makes her sad. According to her, she is not moved one bit by the criticisms and insults people hurl at her. She noted that she only gets sad when she loses money. "If someone promises to give me money but fails to do so, I get really sad", she revealed.

From another angle, sometimes it is good to be moved by some of the criticisms people throw at you. Not all of them are meant to run you down. Some criticisms are constructive, and so if attention is paid to them, they can help you to do some things better the next time.

She further disclosed that when her electricity supply was interrupted a few days ago, she wept because her pure water business was losing profit.

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