How To Remove Black Heads Naturally


Black heads can appear on the face ,neck chest and also arms ,they are caused when you sweat too much, they can appear due to hormone change ,using makeup can also block the pores

so below are ways you can get rid of them in natural ways

1.Make a cinnamon mask by mixing it with lemon juice or honey to make a paste

Then apply it to skin for 10 minutes then rinse it off

2.Aloe vera

you will need the aloe vera gel then apply to the affected areas leave overnight and rinse in the morning

3.Honey and lemon

make a mixture then apply it slowly let it stay over the night and rinse in the morning

4.Coconut oil

Use some coconut oil apply to the affected areas leave it for quiet some time un till it is absorbed you can repeat the process twice daily until you achieve your required results


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