Abedi Pele's only daughter, Imani Ayew defines beauty in a simple yet powerful way


When it comes to football, Ghana cannot write off a certain man. The men of old claims this man did wonders on the pitch whenever a ball was under his feet. Abedi Ayew Pele is this legend they have always been praising. Never did I see him play but upon analyzing his skills and power through the videos I watched, I have no doubt he was a monster.

This legend was once the captain of the black stars of Ghana and not only did his dominance stay in Ghana. Like wildfire, the performance he put into playing football spread his fame to many parts of the world. He is regarded as one of the greatest players to grace football on this continent.

Talk about Europe, he got the chance to play professional football in big clubs like Lille, Lyon, Torino and Marseille and even went on to win the Champions League with Marseille in the year 1993.

Abedi ended his career but his legacy still lives on. Like a baton, he passed on his talent to his kids and they are really rocking football like it's nobody's business. His sons, Dede Ayew, Jordan Ayew and Ibrahim Ayew really did justice to the nice work their father started. They are ballers and they make football look very nice and simple.

Now, to the focus of this article. I am sure most of you know the sons of this legend but never did you know he had a daughter. Well, worry no more, I am here to give you the gist about the daughter of our football legend. Imani Ayew is the fourth child of Abedi Pele and she happens to be the only girl amongst the four. Unlike the guys who have made football their topmost priority, Imani has a different mindset.

Maybe football paves a way where there is no way but she believes aside football, there are other things which can carve smiles on her face. She believes fashion is the way forward for her and being a model is the perfect way to make her smile in the future. She's a very simple yet gorgeous creature. Below are some pictures of her

Looking at the pictures above, there is no way you can tell me she is not a perfect fit for being a supermodel. She just doesn't talk but like "Jay Bad" said, she just shows action. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Imani Ayew for you.

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