Pile Kills: Get Rid Of 'Pile' Faster With This Very Effective Bitter Kola And Onion Recipe

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An engorged, swollen, and easily ruptured hemorrhoid in the perianal area, typically accompanied by acute itching and throbbing pain, is commonly referred to as a "pile."

Defecation is the most common time when it comes out. The symptoms are rare but noticeable.

For instance, itching near the anus, discomfort from prolonged sitting, and bruising during bowel movements are all possible symptoms.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids usually resolve after a few days of their onset.

Here are some successful hemorrhoid treatment options.

1) A tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day and night.


little bitter Coca-Cola bottles

2 onions, red

3-liter water bottle


Slice the onion and grind the bitter cola.

Add 3 liters of water to a pot and bring to a boil.

For 30 minutes, bring the water to a boil.


Drink it all day, all night, every day till you're done.

2. Second treatment


6 garlic cloves

Mango tree leaves and bark

As much as four gallons of water


Put the garlic in a pot after washing it but before peeling it.

4 liters of water and the mango tree's leaves and bark complete the recipe.

For 30 minutes, bring the water to a boil.

Cool and drink throughout the day and night for three weeks.



3 cloves of garlic and palm oil should be applied to the anus frequently, especially after a bathroom break.

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