Ladies, Do The Following To Keep Your Private Part Clean And Neat For Your Man

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The female private organ is a very sensitive area of the body that needs proper care. If this organ is not properly taken care of, it could become smelly and dirty.

Photo credit: Cafemom. compere are three things women need to do to keep that place clean, healthy and free from foul smells.

Wear cotton underwear.

Instead of synthetic and nylon underwear, wear cotton. The main reason is that cotton is breathable and it dries faster, so when you sweat too much and your body fluids accumulate down there, the cotton dries up the fluids faster and prevents smells. This will also reduce your chances of getting infections.

Avoid using scented soaps to wash that area.

Perfumed soaps are loaded with a lot of chemicals which might be harmful to your private organ. Also, that area is so sensitive so if you use any scented soap to wash it, it could lead to irritations.

Photo credit: VirtmallInfact, medical experts have advised that women should not wash that area with soap, especially those that are medicated and scented. This is because there are some symbiotic bacteria in that area which are there to protect us. If we use medicated soaps while washing that area, we might end up killing those symbiotic bacteria

Know your discharge.

At specific times of the month, some substances come to that area. Those substances are called "discharge." This discharge should be odourless.

If this discharge is foul smell foul-smelling and has a yellow or green colour, then you should rush to your doctor because you might have a bacteria or yeast infection.

Avoid douching.

Douching means washing the inner part of your private organ. There are many products not that make this makeable, please avoid them as much as possible because they can disrupt the pH level of the female organ.

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