Popular Fetish Priest Nana Agradaa has been arrested


Popular Fetish Priest Nana Agradaa has been arrested by a conjunct gang of Police and National Security Intelligence Operatives with her Television stations also shut down.

The conjunct operation which was in collaboration with the National Messages Authority took place on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. According to information gathered byStarrfm.com.gh, the Television stations namely, Thunder TV and Ice1 Television, were unethically transmitting without licenses, at Kasoa in the Central Region . Two (2 2) pieces of accoutrements each used in the illegal transmission were also seized from both demesne. Nana Agradaa advertises her " Sika Gari " on her Box station, which she claims is her individualized god that multiplies Croesus with some rituals she makes. She has hence admitted to this illegality and is presently in custodianship aiding with additional examinations.

The National Communication Authority is seeking to catch down on the flux of free box stations on air which has led to the ascent of certain content which they believe may affect public order, public morality, and the rights and fame of others.

This move comes multifold weeks after some teens in Kasoa in the Central region killed a 10­ age­ old boy for Croesus rituals. Reports indicate that the teens saw the advertisements of Croesus rituals on Box and got in touch with a Fetish Priest in the Volta Region to help them make Croesus.

The teens are nowadays in Police Custody after they were denied bail on Tuesday by the Court to enable prosecutors to ascertain the correct days of the teens.


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