Different meanings of, "after all I have done for you. "

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Very often you will here people cry or lament "after all I have done for you. " for various reasons. Some say so after breakup, some for detecting dirty tricks played on them by friends or for being shortchanged in the case of politics or deals.

Let us now dig into the meaning of the statement "after all I have done for for you."

The first meaning of the statement, "after all I have done for you..." reveals that the help you're offered by someone is not for you, but for their own to control you. It was just a contract with hidden terms. For example you are offered a job but you refuse the sexual advances of your employer,it becomes a problem.

The second meaning seems really genuine. A stranger offers to help you. Secures for you a job,pays your hospital bill, pays your university or college fees. One day the stranger becomes bankrupt and has no means to pay his/her bills. The best one should do is to reciprocate by offering help back. If you deny them help, they will only be left to cry, "after all I did for you."

Some people also say it with the expectation of appreciation of their in an expected manner, maybe go round announcing to everyone the help you received.

All in all listen to your guts and do not let things people have done for you distract your attention. Listen to your inner self before making any decisions.

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