UltimateLove: Chris sends a strong message to those who applaud home breakers, read what she said


Chris Ada has taken to her Instagram page and dropped a strong message for people who applaud home breakers. The beautiful damsel was among the ex-female housemates of the just concluded UltimateLove Reality Show Season 1.

Sharing the post, Chris said, "Bear in mind though, that when you also applaud people who live by breaking homes ordained by God, people who go about destroying the happiness of others, you are as guilty as they are and will share in their comeuppance. May our bandwagon mentality not ruin us."

The Ultimate love icon also used the same opportunity and disclosed that we live in a world where mistakes and misdemeanour are normalized simple because we want to be happy. She prayed that God should give us the wisdom to always stand for the truth regardless of the position we may find ourselves.

She wrote:

"We live in a world where we normalize mistakes and misdemeanours just because we want to be “happy” or probably because we are not affected by it (I don’t care attitude). God please, give us the wisdom to navigate this world and stand for the truth always."

Recall that Chris Ada remains the only female ex-housemate of the Love Show who fulfilled the mission. The reality star is currently married to the man she was paired to search for her UltimateLove. However, people have been following them as role models due to their outstanding personalities. 

Social media users who came across the message dropped by Chris reacted to it. They thanked her by dropping the above message, adding that she looks beautiful in her pictures.

Some persons also revealed that she might be pregnant. They also showered her with lovely compliments and called her their favourite reality star. See more reactions below.

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