Start Saving Your Cooking Gas Today By Doing The Following


Clean Your Burner Regularly

Check for the flames coming out of the burner as you cook.If they appear yellow,orange or not uniform it might be indicating deposition of carbon.This can be removed by cleaning the burner and will eventually save you gas.

Soak Your Foods Before Cooking

Soaking food like grains and legumes will help save gas as it will shorten the cooking time while speeding up the process of cooking.

Measure The Amount of Food

You need to measure the amount of food you want to cook according to the size of your family.This aids in determining the amount of water needed to get your food ready. By doing this you will be saving the gas.

Set All The Ingredients Ready

Ensure that all the ingredients needed are readily available to avoid waste of gas due to unnecessary movements while looking for them.You also need to cut all the ingredients such as onions and tomatoes and set aside before you start cooking.

Use Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker speeds up the rate of cooking unlike cooking in open air.This will greatly save you gas.

Cook in One Pot

Cook enough food in one pot to accommodate the needs of each family member.Cooking once rather than separately saves you gas.

Eat Together

By eating together, this will prevents the need to reheat food for members who joins the table late thus saving time, energy and even gas.