Daylight Robbery At Atimatim Junction In Ashanti Region Killed Momo Agent & Took Away Gh¢20k


Another robbery attacked at Atimatim junction in Ashanti Region Kumasi. According to the eyewitness who reported the incident. Two anonymous guys came to withdraw money from a momo agent who works around the total filling station and the other one was sitting on the bike.

The one who went to withdraw the money pointed a gun at the Mobile money agent called Kofi Asare and instructed him to bring all his money. Out of fear and panic, he gave them the money and shouted thieves, thieves. The armed robber who already has the money shot him and run away.

The people around who saw the incident tried to chase them but because of the powerful motorbike, they were using the people couldn’t follow their steps or catch them.

They took away an amount of Gh¢20K as the police confirmed from the cash book of the momo agent. The case is currently with the police for further investigation.

The police have sent the corpse of Kofi Asare for further investigation.

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