Natalie Githinji Reveals What She Will Do One Month After Getting Engaged

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Famous radio presenter, Natalie Githinji have revealed what she is planning on doing one month after getting engaged. Natalie decided to share with her followers her plan after she gets lucky. The media personality has been on the limelight for sometime now. This is since she started her journalism career at Radio NRG. Well, just a few minutes ago Githinji shared a video on her platform then added a caption revealing her plans after engagement.

Natalie shared a one minute video on her Instagram platform. The comedian was seen with a bandaged hand. She held her hand up high then stated on the caption section that once her boyfriend propose to her, she will hold her hand up high for one month to show everybody that she is engaged.

Githinji claimed that since she will be so lucky to be engaged, therefore she will have to show everybody. Her followers reacted. Majority congratulated in advance. Here is the full post.

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