"My Mother-in-law Demolished My House After I Gave Birth," Woman Narrates


A story of a young lady Anne Wanjiru who hails from Nakuru county has left netizens surprised after she narrated the suffering she went through after she got married.


From her narration, her parents died when she was in class six, a development that made her schooling a challenge because she lacked a person to pay her school fees. She ended up under her brothers care for a short period of time, and then went to her sister's home.

She finally completed class 8, and joined the secondary school. However, she did not complete the level since she got married. After some time, her husband changed and started abusing drugs. They started having some squabbles yet she was pregnant.

The husband had even started threatening to kill her. She found refuge in her mother-in-law's home who tried to solve their differences as a family. However, after being summoned by his parent, her husband did not turn up, and therefore Anne decided to leave.

Later, she gave birth to her child while at home, and decided to go to hospital after one week. She therefore went back home to her husband's home so as to get some personal effects, but upon arrival, she found that her house had been demolished. Her brother in law later confessed to her that it was the plan of the mother-in-law to demolish the house.

Source; https://youtu.be/eIteeKnhQ3I

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