God Protect Our Musicians , We have Lost 3 benga Maestros


Where did we go wrong ? We have just gotten into the fourth month of the year with sad news. This year have been not good for the Kikuyu musicians and also the benga lovers. The fraternity have lost 3 musicians recently. Others would ask why only them. But we can everything happens for a reason.

For the last consecutive three months , Kikuyu fraternity have lost three mugithi Benga mugithi maestros and one gospel musician mama Julia Lucy.

Recentry the country is mourning the death of a mugithi star known as albert Gacheru who succumbed when still in the ICU. The musician has been ailing . May his soul rest in eternal peace. 

Muriithi John walker from gishugu constituency and from kirinyaga county succumbed after a short illness. He sang tracks such as 'nyau iriaga mbia' and others.

Mighty salim Succumbed to kidney failure . He was a real superstar mugithi maestro who had taken over from his late brother salim junior.

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