Five Police Officers Charged With Murder In Mombasa

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Changamwe police station where a suspect reportedly died under unclear circumstances after being arrest (I/C).

According to reports from IPOA,f ive officers have been changed with the murder of a suspect at the changamwe police station in Mombasa County according to "IPOA" reports.

The officers who go by the names of Khalif Abdullahi Sigat, James Muli Koti, Joseph Odhiambo Sirawa, Edward Kongo Ochonga and Nelson Nkanae pleaded not guilty. The deceased, Caleb Ospino Otieno was placed under arrest on Saturday over suspicions of being in possession of illicit brew. At around 9pm on the very same day, he was moved from the cells premises and transferred to the coast general hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

"The investigations, among other findings have established that Mr. Otieno's death was occasioned by multiple Injuries inflicted with blunt force" said "IPOA" in a statement. This has raised eyebrows as the suspect has been booked as unknown in the meantime.

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