Sad RIP: My Son's Last Words To Me Were, "Mom I'm Ready To Go."


In the recent past, Marry Getui served as the Chair for the National AIDS Control Council. Her life was going on smoothly until 20th July, 6 years ago. She was traveling together with her husband and other colleagues on a work assignment, when she received a dreaded phone call informing her that her son, Harun Getui was involved in a road accident.She confessed that when she received the call, her 6th sense hinted that all was not well. This was later confirmed by a doctor friend of hers, that her son was dead. This was extremely devastating and unexpected. Her son was at the prime of his life when it was cut short at the age of 31.Mary eulogized her son as friendly, full of life and am impeccable leader. When he studied in the U.K he was elected as the first black student president in182 years. The last time they spent quality time together was the Wednesday afternoon before she traveled.

When they were parting ways, he got into his bike and his last words to her were, “Mom, I'm ready to go.” It was only later that she understood the depth of his words.

To date, she is a member of a story group for mother's who have lost their children through accidents.

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