Kakamega Senator learns a lesson


Kakamega Senator Honourable Cleophas Malala, was among politicians who attended the Matungu constituency by-election. Cleophas Malala went to support the Orange Democratic Movement candidate. In the course of voting, there were allegations to many people that they were rigging the votes. One of the polling station officer was also identified by the voters because she was supporting rigging of the votesx at the polling station.

Kakamega Senator Honourable Cleophas Malala was at the scene. He left his vehicle and went to where people were voting to witness what was going on. After sometime he came back to his vehicle. When he entered the vehicle, he was shocked to see his bag open and empty. He came out of the vehicle very angry saying that someone stole two million shillings from his bag he had left in the vehicle. The police officers and people around came to intervene about the issue.

All people around there were shocked because they did not see the person who entered the vehicle and took the money. Senator Cleophas Malala said he will not the venue till his money is given out. This was a great a lesson to him and others to be careful with your property while in public places.

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