Unique Reason Why Ethiopia Was Never Colonized Finally Revealed


Many years ago, during the white people visit to african countries,the people in Africa were living in bushes and had not advanced to living in better places. However,there was a need to liberate african people from thr traditions of the bushes by showing them the modern way of living.

This made the white people concur most of the african countries and became as the colonies for the respective countries. Kenya for instance became the colony for the British. As some african countries accepted to colonized by the whites, Ethiopia is the only country that was not Colonized. Many have not ever Known the reason for it being difficult to colonize Ethiopia.

The main and a unique reason is that the Ethiopians used Lions to fight the whites. The lions were like pets at that time and we're so friendly to the black african,thus they were able to scare the whites who feared the wild animals.

Ethiopia is not a colony of any country. It is currently headed by a Prime minister and the kind of government it runs is the federal kind of government.

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