Netizens React To Rigathi's Remarks On Building A House For Women To Drink Porridge With His Wife

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Netizens React To Gachagua's Remarks On Building A House For Women To Drink Porridge If He Recovers His 12.5B Freezed Money.

For another time, William Ruto’s presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua hit the headlines during his campaigns after saying that he has a dream to recover the money that were frozen in his accounts back in 2020 after the government questioned the source. About Kshs 12.5 billion that passed through Gachagua's account were freezed by the government and has since then barred from using then for the last 2 years.

Gachagua has since maintained that he did not embezzle the funds, accusing the government agencies of haunting him because of his allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto. According to Gachagua, if Kenya Kwanza coalition clinches the presidency in the August polls, the Kshs 12.5 billion shillings recovered will be used to construct infrastructures at his home where men will have a fireside chat with him as women engage his wife Dorcas.

However, Gachagua's remarks have left many Kenyans talking where some have also wondered why did he come up with this instead of telling Kenyans on how they reduce the cost of living in Kenya.

Gachagua made these remarks while campaigning in his Mathira constituency where he also vowed to build a small house for elderly people. "I will build up a good house and a small house for elders for roasting meat as they take their favourite drinks as we chat - sawa? I will also install a Kinanda for women for singing and dancing to during their visit to Mama Gachagua as they take porridge," said Gachagua.

Check out some of the reactions from Kenyans on Facebook below.

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