Remember the 97-year-old man who married A 35-year-old woman, What has happened to him?


Marriage is a way of combining a man and a woman as couples. Marriage is a lifetime decision that we don't go and come back.

Due to this, people consider a lot of things before getting into marriage. Some of these factors include age differences, financial background, religion, education and others.

One people always consider is the age difference. The belief is that the age of couples should be close.

Others also consider more about the financial strength of their partner before getting married.

It doesn't happen for a young lady to get married to an old man who is twice her age or more. To remember a Ghanaian young lady called Akua Asabea who got married to a 97-year-old man at the age of 35 became one of the trending news after their pictures took over the internet.

According to Asabea the relationship she has with the 97-year-old man before they got married was unbreakable as people were wondering what wi happen after their marriage.

Well, the good news is that Agyaba and Asabea are still happy together. Though Agyaba is growing old but Asabea is still happy living with him without any change of mind.

They are blessed with four children which one of the benefits of marriage.

Checkout some of their pictures below;