Why Ruto Is The Most Humiliated Deputy President In The Kenyan History


The deputy president of Kenya Rt. Hon William Ruto confirmed in an interview with Citizen TV some time back that he has been humiliated in numbers of occasions.

Let's start thinking about what the word humiliation means. From my dictionary humiliation is an embarrassment and shame that one feels when someone makes you appear stupid.

To day am going to share with you why I think Ruto is the most humiliated candidate.

1) Currently he is trending on Twitter just because he meet the musicians to discuss things on how they will help people who are affected by the Covid 19 restrictions. Ruto is being embarrassed by Kenyans as a person who had no authority to speak to Kenyans concerning locked down counties yet he is the deputy president of Kenya. From what I can see on Twitter Ruto is being humiliated by Kenyans and it is one of the jobs that he as a deputy president is supposed to be doing.

2) Ruto has been accused of corruption by the members of his party who is currently facing charges of corruption. Hon. David Murathe has embarrassed Ruto not once and accused him of corruption. Currently Murathe is in the KEMSA scandal and he is still the one as a top official in Ruto's party Jubilee, embarrassing Ruto.

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