Top 5 Most Useful Degrees You Should Study To Help You Escape Unemployment.


There are hundreds of courses available for students at the universities and colleges. While some of these courses lead to the award of professional certificates, others are pure academic courses. However, in recent times, much attention and focus is on some specific courses due to how relevant they have become in our daily human endeavours. This does not mean in any way that all other courses that do not form part of this list are worthless. This only concern is about how useful they are to employers. Now if you intend to or already studying any of these courses then you're just doing one of the best things in your academic life.

1. Engineering Degrees.

Engineering is a branch of science which is concerned with the designing, construction and use of engines, machines with their various parts. This makes engineering courses very practical and somewhat difficult. All the various fields of engineering courses are very challenging and focused on problem solving. If you care to know, this is also one of the few fields of study with high paying jobs across the world. Engineering graduates find it easy to achieve a sustainable career growth and development. Among the engineering courses for specialization are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, building and construction engineering, computer engineering, petrochemical engineering and others. Actually, these career choices are absolutely some of the most sought after by companies and governments to fix technical problems in these areas of expertise.

2. Health Related Degrees.

Health remains one of the topmost priorities of individuals, governments and all other stakeholders globally. People are very much concern about the state of their health. Different health conditions have constantly emerged which continuous to be a threat to the comfort and peace of mind that many people wish to have. This is why practitioners in this field have become very relevant given the most needed attention. Almost all health related courses require hard work, commitment and having good interpersonal relationship. One major challenge in this field is that, you are mostly dealing with either sick, injured or even dead people at one point in time. However, there are no much regrets.

Some of the various fields of specialization in health programmes include public health, medical sciences, nutrition, psychiatry or mental health, dentistry, pediatrics, pharmacy, nursing, midwifery and many others. Apart from the general university and college did requirements, every courses have their own entry requirements and qualifications to be able to have access and study them. This way, it is important for applicants to check the entry requirements of the particular university or college before applying to study any of these courses.

3. Mathematics Degrees.

Mathematics generally has to do with numeracy and arithmetic computations. In advanced mathematical concepts, critical thinking, data analysis and problem solving are eminent. Mathematics courses are often taken undertaken in Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Education programmes. BSc. Mathematics and B.Ed Mathematics do not differ to any large extent except that, B.Ed Mathematics is sought of professional course introduced for those who would want to take up teaching. However, Mathematics graduate often find jobs mostly in educational institutions, industries as well as banking and financial institutions.

4. Business Degrees.

This is one of the broad fields of study at the university with lots of specializations. Business actually has no limits when it comes to the demand of the job market and at higher levels of the educational ladder. Most business courses are available for the award of certificates, diploma, degree and Masters. A business students or graduate has the opportunity to major or specialize in any of the following fields such as Banking and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Commerce, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Advertising, Project Management, Public Administration and many others.

5. Technology Degrees. In this world of of advancing technological knowledge, where computers have soon taken over human labour in most endeavours of life, institutions and companies now require people with expertise in information and communication technology. In fact, the only way to make one self fit and be able to adjust in the world of technology is to acquire the knowledge and skills. Do not be left out. Areas such as Architecture, Cyber security, Artificial Intelligence, Automobile System Controls, Coding and Programming, Networking among others need nothing less than higher knowledge in technology. On daily bases, full-time, part-time and contract jobs are available for people with expertise in technology.

Many may share the opinion on other relevant areas of study which are equally important. However, when it comes to job acquisition and the new trends in the demand of skills as well as satisfactory remunerations, one can consider any of these fields and will not regret it at any time.

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