Meet Rev Natasha's Beautiful Sister-In-Law (PHOTOS)

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Well, Katerina Musosi is one of the beautiful ladies who might be bragging shoulders high for being associated with city celebrated preacher one Rev Lucy Natasha. Most times you will find her sharing their photos on the social media.

However, the 'team Mafisi' should be aware that Kate is off market after getting engaged to Natasha's younger brother one Joseph Shafique. They confirmed the beginning of their relationship and quoted 'Your words are my food, your breath is my wine. You are everything to me.'

Most often, you will find Shafique and Kate update Instagram status pictured in precious attractive sites in Naivasha in the weekends.

They too believe that love is God ordained hence they will caption their social media posts with loves captions quoted directly from the Bible. Their latest quotation read... 'This month, expect to be victorious, expect to win, and expect to shine.” Happy New Month from Me and my wife Kate'

However, Shafique and Kate have also been helping their sister one city cleric Rev Lucy Natasha in achieving kingdom assignments. Joseph Shafique works as the head of protocol whereas Kate is the front desk controller at Empowerment Christian Church Located in Nairobi CBD. You will find them following Rev in church functions or other outdoor activities (permanent features in the entourage).

Many social media pundits have perceived that anyone associated with Rev Natasha is either handsome or beautiful. Nevertheless, the ministry is of the opinion that Christianity is not a form of slavery and so they 'Pray and Slay'. To the ladies : they always look smartly dressed having applied make-up.

On the other edge, men will wear suits to kill or matching classic outfits that might draw the attention of City queens. It too seems money defines them. The fashion, style and elegance might be proudly sponsored by a strong wallet.

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