Fabio Gama is rewriting history in Ghana


"Quitters never win and winners never quit" has been a saying mostly used by inspirational speakers to help people who want to give up.

Also, as Einstein said, "it is insane to do the same thing and expect different results". It is always obvious and sensible to doubt a process when it has failed once or more.

Brazilians coming to Ghana to play football have woefully failed throughout history in the Ghanaian game. The signing of Fabio Gama was seen to be a repeat of what had happened before.

Previously, Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko signed Brazilians but couldn't match up with the expectation given.

These Brazilians did not officially play matches for these clubs because they were seen to be inferior to the expected Brazilian quality.

Fabio Gama is rewriting history with the current performance he is giving. After attaining fitness, the player showed a glimpse of his talent.

The player took control of the midfield and has now added goal scoring to his play.

His contribution led to the goal scored against Legon Cities which has sent Kotoko to the top of the league. It seems Gama is having a good time at Kotoko and he has paved way for other talented Brazilians.

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