CULT WAR; how I almost killed my helper before I renounce cultism.

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true life story

Sometimes in 2007 I joined a drieded cult group before I got admission into higher institution, after a while I come across with one of my old friend who was a member of a rival cult group we were all getting along not minding the difference between us, as you will agree that it is impossible for two to be together without offense, on that faithful day my friend said something provocative relating to my group and I and one of my cult member who was there was angry and bitterd about the comments he made, we then plotted to kill him, I went home to get a gun took the gun to a place where we can easily carry out the devilish operation, as God could have it the operation was not successful we forget about the issue we all get together again my friend traveled out of the country, the other guy who was my cult member got a job in legos by the grace of God I later encounter Jesus and now a successful building engineer. My friend who I wanted to kill saw my design on social media platform and like what iam doing he contacted me and I want you to build for me a house I thought he joking, before I could know it he flew to Nigeria and he gave me a contract that is worth over ( Twenty five million naira) #25,000,000. So many youths today have killed their helper with their own hands as a result of cultism.

"Say no to cultism God bless" you

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