Things That Can Cause Sleepless Nights Among Students and Young Adults.

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Key Points

a). Relationships

b). Lack of food

c). Lack of support from parents, friends e.t.c

d). Depression.

There are many reasons to why students in higher education levels lack enough sleeps, as they spend most of the times thinking about a specific problem or issue that has been bothering them for long time.

We're going to discuss in details some of these reasons and how to cope with them.

1. A newly made relationship can lead to sleepless nights among each young individual as they think of each other.

2. Lack of food among student. I personally experienced this situation where I have no food amd nowhere to turn to. Some students will have no time to expltto everyone that they're dying of hunger.

3. Lack of students support especially by parents is also a bigger problem that may result to lack of sleep and distress.

4. A depressed student will never find enough time to sleep and relax their mind. Depression may be as as result of the above-mentioned reasons.

Have you ever experienced a sleepless night? Please share your experiences on the comments section below.

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