Sad : 5 Kenyan Women Who Died While In Saudi Arabia


With many Kenyans frolicking in Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures,most of them end up being tortured and returning home in coffins. Below are some of the women who died while working in Saudi Arabia.

1. Mary Kinuthia.

Mary died after being denied medical treatment. She had complained of stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital by one of her fellow Kenyan but was denied entry into the hospital for lack of identity cards. She was taken back to her house where she died afterwards. Efforts to trace her family revealed that she was born and raised in Kitale.

2. Alice Awuor.

Alice quit her hairdressing job in Nakuru and flew to Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures where she worked as a house help. According to her family she was owned months of salary and she was being mistreated.

3. Rahab Njeri.

She died after an official at the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh declined to sign a letter to allow her to be admitted to an hospital for treatment. She died shortly after being asked to leave the embassy.

4. Ferdinard Kavuu Nzau.

She died in a grisly road accident days before she was to fly home. She died together with her employer's son.

5. Anzila Kafedha.

Her family suspected that she was tortured to death by her employers in Saudi Arabia . She was buried at her home in Sokoke ,Kilifi county.

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