Not all trends need to be followed: a man becomes a joke after this happened.

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Celebrities are human just like everyone, and they also have problems meaning that we should not follow everything that they do no matter the influence they have on us.

A man has become a joke on social media because of a trend that he followed made famous by the American rapper Kanye West.

Twitter influencers shared a picture of a guy who looks stylish and clean, but his haircut is what caught people's attention, the haircut looks unfinished from the barb leaving patches of missing hair.

I understand that celebrities always come with trends, but that does not mean that everything they do must be followed Kanye West is one person who loved to be unique and wired 

This haircut is not necessary, and I don't think it should trend.

It is not a secret that Kanye is going through difficulties in his life and no one knows why he chose this Style for all we know it could be a cry for help.

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