"Having HIV is Not The End, Am Happy Living With It And I Would Choose It Over" Hiv Activist Says

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Finding out that you have Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) is so shocking and people react differently when they find out they have it. HIV activist Susan Metta was diagnosed with the virus in 2019 after she started feeling something wrong with her body and threes years later she is leading a happy and normal life. Ever since she has been taking her medication. (Photo| HIV activist Susan Metta)

Susan Metta has been grateful for life saying that HIV is something one can live with for a long time unlike diseases like cancer, diabetes among others. She says that most people think that those who have contracted the virus are supposed to look like walking dead but she is sorry to burst their bubble by confirming that they are super healthy than most of the people. Actually most of them live positive life and one cannot know before they disclose to them. (Photo| courtesy) (Photo| courtesy)

She has encouraged those that might have contracted HIV virus that it cannot stop them from living a happy and healthy life whether in a relationship, a family or a particular career. (Photo| courtesy) (Photo| courtesy)

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